Scientific scholarship in Poland

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We congratulate the head of the Feldman Ecopark Bats Rehabilitation Center, Anton Vlashchenko, on the successful completion of the scholarship at Jagiellonian University (Krakow, Poland). For two months, Anton worked as part of the Ecotoxicology Scientific Group on Terrestrial Ecosystems at the Institute of Environmental Sciences, with the support of the Queen Jadwiga Scholarship. The purpose of the scholarship is to develop a project on the impact of pollution on bats.

“These two months have passed quickly, but they are very busy. During this time, a lot of scientific work was done: several manuscripts of scientific articles were elaborated and a considerable amount of specialized literature was read. In addition, former Center staff members are studying at the Jagiellonian University: Olga Timofeeva and Viktor Kovalev, who continue to cooperate with us. Professor Richard Laskowski is the head of the research group where I was trained, it’s an international team with a friendly atmosphere.

We also look forward to further developing our cooperation with Jagiellonian University. ”

said Anton Vlaschenko.