serotine bat

Bat of the day 24 October (Bat week) – Serotine Bat

Serotine Bat (Eptesicus serotinus, Schreber 1774) It’s a big bat, which is larger then open palm in flight. In the summer, the colonies of these bats settle in the attics of the city. For winter, they move to Kharkiv, where they hibernate in cavities in the walls of buildings. Most likely, if you see big…

Bats in Kharkiv lesopark

Kharkiv lesopark is a a favorite place of recreation for the citizens of our city. It is north part of Kharkiv where the wildwood somewhere older than 200 years wedged in apartment block. The wildwood near the town border attracts not only wishing to walk but also researchers-naturalists. Among people loving and studying nature there…

Bat species of Kharkiv region, NE Ukraine

13 bat species (Chiroptera, Vespertilionidae) are known for the territory of Kharkiv region, NE Ukraine. Myotis daubentonii Myotis dasycneme Myotis brandtii Myotis nattereri Nyctalus leisleri Nyctalus noctula Nyctalus lasiopterus Eptesicus serotinus Pipistrellus nathusii Pipistrellus pygmaeus Pipistrellus kuhlii Vespertilio murinus Plecotus auritus