baby bat

Great news! Baby-boom is now in Bat Rehab Center

Recently, on June 24th, residences of one house in Solonytsivka (Kharkiv region) found a big group of bats, had been living in crevices of the house. Unfortunately, these bats were detected only after repair works with the house facade when outer crevices had been covered. Bats started to creep out into apartments where people caught…

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Great news. Bat puppies were born in Bat Rehab Center

Last year, in September 2017, we received one common noctule female. Unfortunately, it had several fractures of its forearm, which we had to amputate. After amputation and successful hibernation, this female gave a birth of two puppies. It happened because of an interesting feature of bats – delaying of gestation. Bats usually mate in Autumn….

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Helping baby bats

Bats only give birth to one or two pups per year. The first several days mothers carry their pups when they fly (the baby bat holds onto its mother with its mouth around the nipple ). However, sometimes it happens that mother can lose her pup and it can fall into the clutches of predators….

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