Our achievements for 2019!

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The Bat Rehabilitation Center is the only one in Ukraine that is involved in the rescue of animals, listed in Red Data Book and educational work among the population at a professional level.
🦇 Were rescued 1987 bats of 10 species from 33 settlements of Ukraine.
🦇 Were built a unique enclosure for bats “bat-collider” in Feldman Ecopark. In which were born 9 babies of bats and was learned to fly 15 animals with injuries. “Collider” allows for the first time in Ukraine to keep bats in the floor to the natural environment and to prevent hypodynamy.
🦇 Provided 25 lectures for schoolchildren and students.
🦇 50,000 visitors to the Ecopark visited our aviary and listened to lectures about bats.
🦇 Held an international scientific seminar for specialists in bats – Kharkiv Bat Meeting.
🦇 Held mass events “VII Grand Bat Release Fest at Feldman Ecopark “and” International Bat Night.”
🦇 Published 5 scientific articles as of December 2019.
🦇 Deferensed 1 bachelor’s degree.
🦇 3 expeditions on bats research in Kharkov region were conducted.
🦇 Cooperation with scientific institutions: Institute for research of zoos and wild fauna in Berlin (IZW), Jagiellonian University (Krakow, Poland), the University of Greifswald in Germany, the genetic laboratory “Diagen” (Kiev), Kharkov National University named after V.N.Karazin.
🦇 We were visited by scientists and volunteers from: Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland and Canada, Slovenia, Great Britain, as well as volunteers from Kharkov and Kiev, who took part in winter feeding of bats.
🦇 Created and launched souvenir products with bats: cups, T-shirts, magnets, icons.
🦇 Almost 20,000 UAH of donations from 80 people for rescue of bats, half of the funds that were collected spent to buy 40 kilos of bat food.
🦇 The number of subscribers to our social media pages has increased by 30% in 2019.
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