Kharkiv Bat Meeting – 2019

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At the Bat Rehabilitation Center of Feldman Ecopark two international bat-seminars were already conducted in 2018. We can’t stop on this point and announcing our third, international seminar (Kharkiv Bat Meeting) the biggest seminar organized by us!

On it, specialists from different countries will take part (Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Brazil) who study or work in Germany now. We also invited the ex-employees of BRC FE, who continue studying in the universities of Poland and are our volunteers now. This seminar will become part of the Program of the collaboration of our Center and Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research. The meeting will be timed also to the Bat Release Fest 2019, to the start of an open-air cage of “Bat-Collider” on a base of Feldman Ecopark and pre-arranged for the first week of April.

We already have a list of our speakers, there are 6 speakers from the Center, 2 speakers who are our volunteers and continue to study in Europe and 4 international speakers.

Registration is opened:

Wait for our announcements!