Finish of Bat week

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During the last week we told you about the 5 bat species that are coming for rehabilitation in the winter. But do you know that in the Kharkiv region there are 13 bat species?
What is causing them to come to us? So why only 5 species, and not all 13?
Unfortunately, in many cases, bats are found at home. Injured bats often come to us from cats and raven birds attacking a bat that can’t fly off the ground, especially such cases occur in the winter.
The picture shows Karazin Kharkiv National University where bats have been hibernating for many years, and sometimes people find them in their classrooms and pass on to us.
Another very common case is when people do repairs of balconies, remove covering, and see there are bats hibernating. It’s great, if people call us, but it happens that they are simply throw bats out into the street.
So, as you see, rehabilitation, basically, requires individuals of those species that are in contact with a person. And those are the 5 species that we talked about. Others, have chosen for wintering caves and abandoned mines, and people are rarely there. But if you get to such a place, please don’t burn the fire and don’t touch the bats!