Bat-Collider – new facilities (aviary) for bat research in Ukraine

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А unique special bat open-air cage in the Feldman Ecopark (Kharkiv, Ukraine) area was built in early 2019. It was named “Bat-Collider” because of the special circular form. It is a metal and plastic net tunnel 2×2 meters and 20 m in diameter, and the total length of 62.8 m (outer circumference).

Therefore, Bat-Collider is an excellent opportunity for making of any kind of behavior, physiology, ecology, acoustic and etc. studies. New facilities and experience of Bat rehabilitation team provide unique research platform with high standards of animal welfare.

Bat-Collider is located in a perfect place for research, as on the one hand it is surrounded by old oak forest, and on the other hand, it is just a half an hour trip from the Kharkiv city centre. Kharkiv is one of the biggest city in Ukraine, with developed infrastructure and International Airport (with direct flights from many cities of EU).

We invite scientists to collaboration at the Bat-Collider as bat research polygon!

The Bat Rehabilitation Center of Feldman Ecopark is the most significant bat rescue, research and education project in Eastern Europe. Since 2012 more than 14 000 individuals (alive, injuried and carcasses) of 10 bat species were rescued and received from 70 cities and villages of Ukraine. Moreover, there were hundreds of lectures and education events done; in addition more than hundred of thousands of units of bat-educational materials we educational printed and distributed; tens of scientific publications and conference talks were presented and published. Finally, team of 12 highly motivated young people pushing forward the project 365 days a year.

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