Who we are

Professional biologists of Bat rehabilitation centre concerned with surveying and protecting bats in Kharkiv region for nearly 20 years.

Here you will be able to learn more about many our projects and researches of the centre.

Our specialists

Антон Влащенко

Anton Vlaschenko

Ph.D in ecology, member of the Scientific Advisory Council for the Protection of bats at the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, graduated from Kharkiv National University in the 2003.

From the first year of his education in university Anton has being concerned with bat researches, his thesis to bachelor’s and master’s degree were devoted to surveying of bats in Kharkiv city and Kharkiv region.  Author and co-author of near 50 scientific papers on bat fauna and ecology.

The field of scientific interests is studying of bat distribution and ecology and practice conservation of habitats important of bat survival.

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Альона Прилуцька (Гукасова)

Alona Prylutska (Gukasova)

Ph.D in Zoology (PhD thesis, 2015). Alona Prylutska is interested in surveying bats from the 2007. In the 2009 she had finished the Kharkiv National University as a bachelor, and in the 2011 Alona graduated (MSc) from the biological department of the Saint-Petersburg State University.

From the 2012 till now Alona has been an educationary lecturer and scientific researcher of the Kharkiv Zoo.

Scientific interests: ecology and monitoring of bats in the wild, rehabilitation of bats in the city, bat’s acoustics.

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Our friends and volunteers

Ксенія Кравченко

Kseniya Kravchenko

Master of Science (MSc) in Ecology and Biodiversity. In 2011 Kseniia Kravchenko graduated from Kharkiv National University and then continued her studies at Wroclaw University (Wroclaw, Poland). Currently, she is a PhD student at Leibniz-Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (Berlin, Germany).

Scientific interests: bat migration in Eastern Europe, adaptation to urban landscapes, breeding strategies of migratory and sedentary bat species, treatment and conservation of bats, bat’s acoustics.

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Олександр Наглов

Alexander Naglov

Ph.D, lecturer of Kharkiv National University, department of biology.

Scientific interests: hibernation of bats, physiology of bats.